Preparation for use of high pressure water sprayer

2021-03-31 696

High pressure water jet machine is a kind of cleaning equipment for high-pressure cleaning pump, which is used for cleaning of professional heat exchangers or reactors and various pipes in chemical plants, thermal power plants, sugar factories, paper mills, etc. high pressure water jet machine can also be used for sand cleaning of castings, cleaning of various vehicles, airplanes, ships, slaughterhouses, etc. through the equipment accessories, it can also be used for water sandblasting, so as to inhibit the air jet noise of high-pressure water jet machine The formation of environmental pollution, affect personal health and other defects, to do a good job in environmental protection work to develop clear conditions.

The high pressure water jet machine uses the volume change produced by the reciprocating movement of the plunger parallel to the transmission shaft in the plunger hole to carry out the operation. Because the plunger and plunger holes are round, they can fit tightly and achieve high precision during processing, so the high-pressure water spraying machine has the advantages of high volumetric efficiency, stable operation, low noise and working pressure.

Before using the high-pressure water spraying machine, we need to do some preparatory work to ensure the normal use of the equipment. What should we do when operating the high-pressure water spraying machine?

That is to install a good pipe cleaning nozzle, when we use it, we should pay attention to it, otherwise it will damage ourselves.

The pipe cleaning nozzle should be carefully designed and manufactured. The nozzle should be evenly distributed on the circumference of the nozzle, and the diameter and inclination of the nozzle should be flat. The main function is to realize the balanced reaction force. Before construction, the nozzle should be carefully checked to see if it is blocked. If it is found, it should be handled in time.

During each construction, the nozzle should be put into the pipe about 30cm, and then the nozzle should be pressurized to make it enter the pipe. When the nozzle is pulled out of the pipe after cleaning, the pressure of the high-pressure pump should be adjusted to zero, so as to avoid the damage of the operator caused by the nozzle's water swing. In addition, when using the high-pressure water jet machine to clean the pipeline, in addition to carefully checking the cleaning equipment, we should also pay attention to the following mechanical damage in the cleaning operation.


Because it is necessary to step on the iron ladder in the well when going up and down the connecting shaft, the ladder may be loose after a long time, and if the operator accidentally falls into the well during climbing, it will cause an accident. When the high-pressure water jet machine is used to clean the pipeline, the high-pressure pipeline on the ground may be run over by the passing vehicles, resulting in the damage of the high-pressure hose and the injury to the passing personnel after the high-pressure water jet.

In the process of cleaning, if there is no sign at the wellhead, or the well cover can not be covered in time after cleaning, it may cause passing vehicles and pedestrians to fall into the well, causing damage to personnel and vehicles. In order to avoid all kinds of situations, all kinds of warning signs should be set up in the operation area of high-pressure water spraying machine to check the reliability of all kinds of pedals. Irrelevant personnel are not allowed to enter the operation area.

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