What are the advantages of industrial high pressure water jet machine?

2021-03-31 702

1. Nowadays, more than 80% of them use chemical cleaning methods. Although it is easy to remove the dirt by acid-base immersion or flow circulation, chemical cleaning methods will pollute the environment, and industrial high-pressure cleaning machines have the advantages of using clean tap water as the working medium.

2. No damage to the cleaned substrate: since the cleaning machine uses pure water as the working medium, it will not damage the cleaned substrate.

3. Wide range of applications: it can complete the tasks that other cleaning methods cannot or are difficult to complete, and can clean the parts with complex shape and structure, such as the internal cleaning of small-diameter and large containers, flammable and explosive and other dangerous cleaning operations. All the parts that can be shot by high-pressure water jet, whether it is the inner wall of the pipe or the hard structure, can be quickly broken, peeled off and cleaned .


4. Water saving: the high-pressure water jet cleaning is a kind of fine jet cleaning, which only uses water and electricity. The diameter of all high-pressure nozzles is only 0.5-2.5mm, and the water consumption is 3-5M? Per hour. It is a water-saving equipment with high cleaning efficiency and low cost.

Article source: high pressure water spraying machinewww.waterworld.com